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Hi!  I’m Nicole and I’m one of the part-owners of this Jamberry blog site. I share this site with two my very best friends, Jill and Amy. We are proud mothers to our lovely children and we enjoy living a simple life with our families in Connecticut. Throughout our journey as a mother, it is almost difficult for us to take care of our looks, especially our nails. Of course, we also want to have a beautiful set of nails whenever we go out or whenever we just feel like it.  Before this goal was too challenging for us moms, you know, we have to tend to our kids and the trips to the salon are time to consume and not to mention, a bit expensive.


In 2015, Jill happened to discover the Jamberry nail wraps and she introduced it to us. We were fascinated by how easy it is to apply and we can certainly do it at home during our most convenient time! That time, our dreams of having a fabulous set of nails are already within reach. All three of us then joined the Jamberry business and we were really having a great time. Imagine us three, flashing our chic and fab nails – simply amazing!


As moms, we can’t have all the fun to ourselves. During special occasions, especially on Halloween, we loved to wear matching nail wraps with our kids. Those times were priceless. However, due to our responsibilities at home, we were not able to continue our Jamberry journey. But wait, it doesn’t end there – we proudly introduce our blog, the JAMBERRY CURE BEAUTY.



ABOUT OUR BLOG – Jamberry Cure Beauty

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Founded in 2015, Jamberry Cure Beauty is a nail wrap design product blog site dedicated to inspiring you as a reader to shine brightly — especially in achieving your goals of having a chic and elegant set of nails with the use of Jamberry products.  You can wear it anytime, anywhere you want at the comfort of your own home which simply makes it easier for all girls out there to come out with flashy nails. Our articles offer a peek into the colorful world Jamberry, all with the intent to add a bit of whimsy and encouragement to your own personal nail goals.


Jamberry Cure Beauty is a blog which tackles the Jamberry nail wrap design brand that aims to delight, inspire and make you recognize the benefits and advantages of using it. We have created a space online for women to take a break from the stress of their daily life, to be inspired, smile, learn something new about styling in their nails in the most convenient way possible with the help of Jamberry.


Here, in this blog, you’ll find various tips and useful information about Jamberry. I guarantee you, it’s all worth reading. We’ll be sharing our precious experiences with Jamberry and of course, we’ll most certainly include the fun part.


If you fancy a chat or want to ask me a question, don’t hesitate to get in touch by filling out the contact form. We’re all looking forward to hearing from you soon!


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Nicole, Jill, Amy (Moms In Love)